Studenti Indipendenti San Luigi – Programma elettorale 2019

Our program in PDF format


What we want…

  • A streamlined academic load following the increase of class hours.
  • Free and shared diffusion of educational material
  • Post-graduation orientation: meetings on medical licence, general medical practice courses and specialization
  • Alternative didactic on the topics proposed by the students (e.g. medical anthropology, sexology, doctor – patient relation, migration medicine)
  • Analysis and resolution of the new english-taught degree issues
  • Supervision of the new enabling degree.

Student spaces

What we want…

  • Increase of the study halls and their opening hours
  • Relax and recreational spaces for students
  • Printing center accessible to everyone
  • Heating of the students’ changing room
  • Water fountains and SMAT points, water bottles for every student
  • Upgrade and expansion of the transportation network with the San Luigi campus
  • Connection of the campus with the bike lanes
  • Upgrade of the “Clinic Tutoring project”, born from our collectives, with more educational offer


What we want…

  • The possibility to enroll online for traineeships and to evaluate them
  • The application of a programme in all traineeship where this is possible
  • The increase of agreements with hospitals and health service facilites

Above and beyond didactic

What we want…

  • Creation of a psychological counseling point, upgrade of the already existing ones, to guarantee the wellness, both physical and psychological, of San Luigi students.

About Studenti Indipendenti

Siamo gli studenti e le studentesse dei collettivi universitari di Torino, ci battiamo per un'Università pubblica e di qualità, contro qualsiasi forma di repressione e sfruttamento, per una società anti-razzista, anti-sessista, anti-fascista, libera ed egualitaria. In università, in città, servi/e di nessuno!

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